Home featured #FunFromHome it’s time to take a break from #WorkFromHome
#FunFromHome it’s time to take a break from #WorkFromHome

#FunFromHome it’s time to take a break from #WorkFromHome

Aren’t we all reminiscing about the days of 9 p.m. dinner reservations, early morning walks, evening coffee under the office… our lives have come to a standstill (for the time being). On the brighter side, photographs from all around the world of empty streets make you open your window to feel the breeze that you wouldn’t let yourself soak into otherwise.

While we all are socially distancing, missing our friends, slightly panicking about what the future holds for all of us… there’s a funny little friend called boredom that slowly creeps in! The beauty of this time though, is that we recognise that we are all connected to each other and all of us at Papa Don’t Preach feel it even more – more so having an extended community of 312,000 on Instagram alone.

As we pondered over a way to connect with our IG Fam in a way we don’t normally get to – we decided to bring out the child in us because we believe strongly that a creative person is a child who never grew up – and all of us can indulge in some creative PLAY! Hence, we rolled out a series called 10 Days of #FFH during the 21-Day-Lockdown (#FunFromHome to take a break from #WorkFromHome) with Papa Don’t Preach!

Scroll away on our IG highlights (FFH R1 Shortlist) to have a look at the round one of the shortlisted entries! YAY – You Co-Designed with Papa Don’t Preach!


It was an opportunity to translate your dreams into reality whilst sipping your favourite, warm brew at home.

As we urge everyone to be safe, healthy, responsible at home – this is us doing our bit to make this time more fun and more importantly, creatively satisfying and challenging!

We’re Excited! and We’re Thrilled with the response we’ve got so far for #FFH

With Love,

Shubhika + Team Papa Don’t Preach

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