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World, Meet Frenzy

World, Meet Frenzy

by sanyamehta1996

Name: Shreya Saboo

Description: Short and cute little chipmunk

Hates: Lazy people 

Loves: Gossip and Money Money Money 

Character Ref: Arya Stark x Dr. Watson to Shubhika’s Sherlock

Shreya Saboo is the COO- Chief Operating Office of PDP. She’s the one that deals with all the tailors, embroiders and karigars and ensures the production of PDP garments is a smooth sailing process. She has been with PDP for 5 years now, from having been an intern to being in the sales team, the PR team and the production team and now finally the COO!  What she also is, in simpler terms is a ‘hustler’ who will never think anything is impossible. To being at the forefront at photoshoots to the queen of the production unit, you will always find her running, screaming at everyone and getting shit done. She is what people call ‘chota packet bada dhamaka’. 



Name: Shubhika Davda

Description: An extremely well-dressed lady with a hippie magical heart- all the colours but no drugs, alcohol or milk. 

Hates: Stereotypes

Loves: Breaking barriers and creating masterpieces

Character Ref: Daenerys Targaryen (GOT Seasons 1-7) x Jessica Day (New Girl) 

Shubhika is the founder and CFO at Papa Don’t Preach. No, she’s not the Chief Financial Officer, she’s coined her own full form of CFO- the Chief Fashion Officer. The boss-lady at PDP with extraordinary ideas bursting out of her very essence while she swings in her whimsical magical world.  A teller of tales with a true entrepreneurial spirit, she is the face of Papa Don’t Preach. With the colours she uses and the unique ideas she has, one would think she’s on some kind of external substances. But shockingly, this vegan, non-drinker, non-anything person lives on her bread butter and dal chawal while getting these brilliant ideas.  Being optimistic, she thinks everything is ‘amazingggg’ and her energy is simply infectious. Her journey is inspirational and her hopes and aspirations for PDP go beyond the clouds. Exactly what the PDP team strives to achieve daily. She stands by her work and always takes the road less taken. Breaking the clutter and abandoning stereotypes is her daily motivation and her other favorite job is to set up her PDP girls with the perfect boys she keeps discovering. She’s the idol everyone looks up to and aims to be and she’s the nicest, most loving boss I’ve ever had. 


Name: Tanu Jain

Description: O.C.D- O: organized, C: cute, D: disciplined

Hates: Her interns (Just kidding……not really, Ha! Just kidding) 

Loves: Shoessss

Character Ref: Monica Geller (Friends) 

Tanu is the shoes and accessories designer at PDP. At any point in time, you will find Ms. Tanu Jain pacing the office with all the world’s stress on her shoulders. A perfectionist with a true passion for her work, she’s the magic elf behind Papa Don’t Preach Shoes. She’s a strict tutor to her interns (who are basically terrified of her) but a child to us as you’ll find half the PDP core team bringing food for her. She means well and tries to bring out the best in people in order to prosper and grow…. and desperately needs a spa day to relieve all the stress. 


Name: Krutika Amrania

Description: Parisian girl at heart living in Mumbai City.

Hates: People

Loves: Make-up and baby llamas

Character Ref: Kim Kardashian x The Christina to Shubhika’s Meredith?


Krutika is the senior designer whose genuine passion and love for PDP reflects in her work and all over her Instagram. Her excitement for designing and creating new looks has resulted in some brilliant pieces you will find around the PDP store. The corset and make-up queen is also the primary target for Shubhika’s match-making antics.  She lives every day like she’s in Paris- combing her beautiful Rapunzel hair.

P.S Still waiting on that make-up masterclass!


Name: Divya Jain

Description: Massive amounts of socio-cultural/ #woke views fit into one tiny body.

Hates: Gossip

Loves: Art 

Character: Indian Alicia Keys

They say to not judge a book by it’s cover and that’s definitely applicable to Ms. Divya Jain. The girl who looks like an innocent and homley person is actually always down to party whether its a weekend or a weekday. Her obsession with collecting diaries and stationery is definitely dangerous to the pocket. It’s always a great time when having a conversation with her about art, music, business, fashion or social movements.



Name: Shaina Khatri

Description: The human version of sugar (the non-diabetic one)

Hates: Is not capable of hate

Loves: Her work

Character: Missandei 

The lady with the heart of gold. There’s a book called ‘year of yes’ which is written by Shonda Rhimes, but a living example of this book is Ms. Shaina Khatri. A girl who can never say no to anyone and ends up doing a little bit of everyone’s work. She started at Papa Don’t Preach at just 19 with a drive to work in fashion and be independant. She then went on to pursue her masters only to return to her one true home Papa Don’t Preach. Her loyalty and hardwork is inspiring. She manages PR at PDP and is bloody good at it.


Name: Alisha Mehta


Hates: Noise and new interns.


Character: Like the sloth from Zootopia but with a lot more laughter and life.

The girl who kickstarted the PDP journey with me! The one who is really quiet and generally keeps to her own and really does open up when she gets comfy around you. It was a strange struggle when we got separated to different floors in the office but we have the kind of friendship that exists without too many words! Her daily struggles (other than missing me) include fleeing from meeting arranged boys whilst her family and me constantly force her to meet them. She doesn’t even meet the cute ones! She’s the quietest person in office but ironically is the only one who parties throughout the weekend, while the rest of us act like old aunties. Ohh and she parties without alcohol- #saywhaaa




Name: Riya Sheth

Description: the only person who sends gifs on office group chats

offival gif sender


Loves: Laughing

Character: daisy from Oswald

The person who loves stationery, crazy about bollywood music. has the capacity to deal very well with clients because of her attitude. always smiling





des: always found sitting in the weirdest corners in the office ( always on the floor) her reason fo it? it helps her think

loves: her space silence



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