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Everyone has a dream-job!

Everyone has a dream-job!

by alishamehtaa

Everyone has a company of their dreams. That one company that they’d say yes to be a part of in a heartbeat. For me, that was Papa Don’t Preach. The only problem was that neither was I a Fashion Designer nor did I know a lot about Fashion. I was just an artist waiting for my shot, and I did get that shot when I saw their Instagram post about needing a Graphic Designer. I was filled with a rush of excitement, applying for the job right away. But, you know the drill with these job applications, you check your mail every two hours waiting for a response, dream about getting that interview, practice exactly what your opening sentence will be, yadda yadda. A week goes by with no response and you’d think that I’d be disheartened, but to my surprise, when that week turned into a month, wasn’t that big a deal. Deep inside I just knew that I’m going to get that interview. 

Eventually, I got that interview call and as you can guess, I was excited to put my month’s worth of preparation to use! On to the details of the interview— The first thing I noticed was, of course, the studio. I sat on a chair that is a modified bathtub and all around the studio there was a peculiar use of color that somehow looked very good paired with each other. There’s a window with pop-art, little swings with shoes displayed on them, racks of their one-of-a-kind clothing amongst other things. Each corner of the studio is detailed and all in all, is quite a unique experience. My interview with Shubhika was a long one more of a fangirl moment than an actual interview because I could not stop expressing how much I love the work they do and how I want to play a little in contributing to their company as well as the current fashion scenario and she couldn’t help but smile. As an activity, she asked me to design a banner for her upcoming collection on grounds of which she’d see if my design sensibility suits hers’— That banner never got to take any shape or form because I got diagnosed with Dengue. Yes, Dengue. I was taken to the hospital with the weight of losing a shot at my dream job weighing me down. As I said before, a part of me just knew that this job was meant for me and I’m sure of this because what are the odds that she said it was okay for me to join whenever I get fine? She must be getting hundreds of applications a day and she chose me. I felt really special!

I took the post of a Graphic Designer at Papa Don’t Preach as soon I got back on my feet and it’s been 8 months since. I’ve loved each day that I’ve worked here and have done it with pure passion. I initially really struggled to understand the aesthetics, typographies, and layouts that are appreciated at the company but I can finally say that they are a part of my design sensibility. Each day here starts with a little spark of an eccentric yet clean design and by the end of the day turns into a flame that we present to the world to see. What I have learned about the people at Papa Don’t Preach is that everyone here grows individually while taking everyone alongside them in an upward direction on the bar graphs of their career. What I love the most about this place is that there’s no office politics and lots of health gossip (everyone loves a little gossip, don’t they?). This place is my happily ever after!

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