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Our Culture

by sanyamehta1996

As per the definition, “Company culture is the nature of a company’s internal work atmosphere, which is shaped by a system of beliefs, shared values, moral standards, and traditions that in turn define behavioral norms, inbuilt attitudes work practices and operating styles.”

But what is the company culture at Papa Don’t Preach? When I first joined in, I thought it would be like a stereotypical chick flick, design firm filled with girls, giggles, and glamour, and oh how I was wrong. The reality is that it’s a madhouse with so many young, focused, passionate yet grounded women who work endlessly to conquer the PDP world. Working in an industry that is showcased as glamorous, I assumed Shubhika and the team would be the same but my reality consists of girls in coffee stained sweatpants running from one office to another getting work done!

It’s a culture where all festivals, birthdays and any excuse for cake is celebrated!


I come from a very business background and my only typical goal when I joined as a business consultant was SALES SALES SALES and MONEY MONEY MONEY. As you all know Papa Don’t Preach isn’t the traditional ghagra-choli brand; we do all sorts of whimsical, eccentric and unique designs. Vibrant colors, unconventional cuts, and distinct silhouettes are showcased in our oh-so-outlandish shoots and  that is what we are celebrated for. Initially, I wondered as to why we invested so much money and work to shoot pieces, which were not relatable to the Indian bridal audience instead of shooting our more wearable collections. Or why we put in so much money in the fashion installation, instead of doing a basic standard previews. All my anxieties towards our massive expenditures disappeared after I experienced them and witnessed the endless positive response.


Fashion x Art Instillation at Pernia’s Pop-Up Studio



Photoshoot for Saccharine


IMG_0865 copy.JPG

Sneak Peek into the Run Frenzy, Run shoot


My belief from money-money-money, changed to art-money-art-money (sorry not letting go of the money side). Not having an art and design background, I never really understood the value and efforts that go behind creating your own design identity. The extent to which Shubhika and the team goes to not conforming to the industry’s standards whilst constantly trying to evolve and innovate amazes me every day.  Witnessing the boundless creativity that runs through their veins astonishes me but also enables me to learn and grow every passing moment. Shubhika’s primary aim in life is to break the clutter while bringing all forms of art cohesively to not only create fashion but also experiences! Ohh, and also to find a suitable boys for all her single PDP girls!

Our CultureOur CultureOur CultureOur Culture
As for the atmosphere of the company, we have focused bi-weekly meetings with the whole team that starts with everyone explaining their goals and activities for the month. For example in one of our meetings, we conducted a vision board exercise where in each member drew up visions boards of their own for Papa Don’t Preach. We started the meeting by saying what we would like to learn from each member and what each one of us could do better. If you ever visit the office, you will find our names, praises and our vision boards scribbled on the walls of Shubhika’s cabin- and yes, with a permanent marker!

So that’s what the culture is like- each member’s opinion matters, each one’s voice is heard, each one’s suggestion is executed, and this is what makes us feel valued, loved, loved and loved.

Speaking about value, let me bring back my business side and show you how much the team values PDP, with this illustration:

Pink and White Hearts International Women's Day Instagram Post (1)

They say that company culture reflects the personality of the company. I was a non-heel wearing, to-the-point, not so girly girl with only shades of blue and black in my wardrobe. From a business consultant to the Head of Business Development and now the CEO at just 23, I’ve come a long way here. And today, as I sit to write this in my red trousers, on my chevron carpet, I reflect on how much these Papa Don’t Preach girls have groomed me personally and professionally! For us, the company culture here is lots of work, lots of laughter, lots of genuine appreciation for each other and lots of ‘Amazingggggggg’!

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